Monday, 18 August 2014

Take to the Skies

On Saturday evening I went to a private view at Beach Creative called 'Take to the Skies', which included some of my work. It was a wonderful evening, meeting people and hearing people enjoying my work.
Displaying your work can always be a fun yet scary activity. Mainly because you are putting your work on show for people to view and talk about. I spoke to a few people who said they really liked my work, so that was just lovely and positive.
After the show I was feeling even more creative and driven. I am always looking up at the clouds for inspiration with colours and shapes.

Hotel life to seaside life

I went to Dartford for 2 weeks for work, working in their store helping with a re-fit. It was a hard two weeks, the whole time we all felt so annoyed with the lack of work for us to do. When we all knew at home we would have lists and lists to get done. The only good thing I took from this whole experience was that I know I can talk to different people, and get along. I throw myself in. I want to meet new people, and enjoy their company. And this happened. I hope to take many little trips to see them all soon. 
Trying to choose food off of a menu with only a few choices for two weeks was hard. I can safely say I don't wanna see a pizza or anything chip related for a while.
During my two weeks, I had a whole weekend off. So myself and David jumped on a train super early Saturday morning to Brighton. Brighton is such a perfect place, I would want to take everyone there, all the time.
We went comic book shopping, photo booth taking, cake eating, wandering through the lanes, Lego keyring buying, wandering near the beach, and just enjoying the sun.
Then we met up with my friends Mandy and Laura and their cute boys. We wandered on the pier and played fairground games. We then wandered around these cute art shops and stalls. We were all getting inspired with our own work, and pushing each other.
It so nice to all get together and see each other. And I was super happy because normally I have to work a Saturday, so it was a nice little weekend away.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Seaside adventure

Sometimes the best adventures are not planned, they just happen. This was the case yesterday.
Myself and David had planned to go to this tiny-hidden seaside town to visit the cutest cinema. This all sounded so perfect. So the morning of the adventure, I get to the train station and all the trains are delayed. Eventually we get there, we buy our tickets, have a little look around the tiny town, which only takes like 10mins. We did however have time for a cream tea. We had tea out of the cutest teacups, which I would of loved to have taken home. It was the nicest tearoom filled with walls and walls of books to read and buy.
We then went to the cinema, and it was just liked we hoped, tiny and quirky. We are waiting for the movie, and the trailers come on. It's the Guardians of the galaxy trailer....A MASSIVE GIANT SPOILER HAPPENS. Ugh. I know there are comics, and I should of read those, BUT STILL...ugh. Why does this always happen?! And then people kept talking during the film, it wasn't their fault, but we couldn't handle it. We had to leave. We were both super annoyed, but I said let's walk down to the beach. Which then turned into a giant walk, a walk to the next seaside town.
We then spent the day wandering in and out of card shops, visiting the turner art gallery, buying postcards for blogger friends, eating chips by the sea, and I even one my first crane/claw machine toy! The pink ghost out of PacMan. Go me! We also visited another tearoom, it's one of my favourites as they do the best cupcakes and the walls are pretty too.
Yesterday also made me so happy to be at the seaside. I love having more adventures by the seaside since I have met David. It reminds me of all the good times I had as a child at the beach with my family. And it also shows you can have the best day if all your plans go wrong. Perfect day.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Creative mind at work

On Saturday it was wonderful. The weather was perfect. David came to visit me after my crazy night shifts. We then decided to have a BBQ, as my grandparents came to visit for dinner. We decided to have pretty drinks in the hot sun. We went shopping and got lots of goodies for us all to enjoy.
I have been thinking about lots of things recently. Life, and moving forward. Lots of things planned. Starting to sell my work soon, which I am very excited about. And even if people don't want to buy my work, knowing that I am an artist first is really important to me. I know I will never make a lot of money from it, but being happy and creative is where my heart lies. Visiting different card and gift shops, and the current support of my biggest fan is keeping me going. 
My desk is a special place. It's my hub. I am looking forward to new adventures and thinking about the work I can create.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

LFCC weekend

Recently I have been enjoying adventures at the seaside. Spending time with loved ones at the arcade and eating chips by the sea. Last weekend I went to LFCC with David and my friends.
We queued for a couple of hours to meet Stan Lee. We finally got into the room, and there was this tiny little man. It filled me with so much love and sadness. I was in front of a genius. It was Stan the man Lee. It was very quick but it was wonderful to see him, and get my comicbook signed.
Then we chilled out for a couple of hours and then we had to go to the pre-view evening. As soon as we got into the venue, I ran straight for Jason and Milo. Jason was as lovely as always. He was so friendly and cheerful. And then it was time to meet Milo. I got super nervous queuing up. And then he looked at me, with this giant smile on his face. He was just lovely. I will never ever be able to explain how nice he was. We talked for a bit. Then he took a photo with me. Before I left, I told him that I was so happy to finally meet him, after missing him last time he was here. And he said that it was 7 years ago. Then on Saturday I had my photoshoot with him. I walked up to him, and he said something like, "there she is!" And grabbed and hugged me! I couldn't believe it. I kinda nearly fainted.
Saturday was a crazy day! Meeting friends, running around to see Moffat talk about Sherlock, trying to get autos, queuing, getting in and out of the halls, trying to keep cool and just having fun. Then in the evening we went to a little pub in London with new friends. Plus Billy Dee Williams was in the pub too. Lots of drinks and nerdy card games were played late into the night.
Sunday was relaxed after we had our Stan Lee shoots. We just chilled out watching the madness around us. Plus saying goodbye to friends is never easy. LFCC was super fun. Just a crazy nerdy weekend.